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Im only 22, Im in college for psychology . I recently moved to the eastern shore with my boyfriend of 4 years. This is my 2nd relapse, so a total o three times dealing with this crap.

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November 15, 2013

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baltimore, maryland

April 20, 1991

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pre b cell ALL

November 1, 2013


Its an on going goal, currently set at $3,000 until more is needed. https://www.youcaring.com/hope4heather

Losing my hair and being inpatient for extended times

Its more than just a fight for me, but I also help inspire others and hep others who follow my journey.

Send me good vibes, positive thoughts~ share my Gofundme page and create awareness

Integrative medicine, mediatation, guided imagery, reiki

university of md medical center

Body, Mind and Spirit play big roles in our healing process.

fatigue,dizziness, headaches, light headed ness

Planning on stem cell transplant



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